Friday, 3 August 2012

Story Of The Day: The Prefects' Court

Our next 'Story of the Day' is The Prefects' Court by Mike from London which has been recommended by LSF member, TheEnglishMaster:

"I highly recommend this classic English schoolgirl story. It deserves a wider audience.

It is a straightforwardly-presented account of a weekly meeting, at the Queen Mary Grammar School for Girls, where the prefects report wrong-doers for punishment. They vote on the fairness of the accusation, then decide the implement, state of dress and number, before carrying out the sentence. Supervised by Deputy Head Mrs Jeffers, on this occasion five girls are lined up outside Classroom 12, awaiting their fate. Inside, new prefect Sarah is anxious because she is reporting a girl for the first time: will her fellow-prefects validate her accusation?

Each punishment (gym shoe and cane) is described in just the right detail, and an unexpected twist sees 18-year-old Sarah humiliated before her peers as she receives six hard stingers with the cane from Mrs Jeffers, with extras.

The style of the third-person narrative is easy and fluent, with characters' thoughts and feelings described sensitively. Its richness of detail gives it an authenticity that makes for a thoroughly good read!

Sarah, 18-year-old new prefect at her girl's school, has finally had to report a student for a major rule infraction to the Prefects' Court. If the court does not agree, the prefect receives a caning instead of the accused student. Four other students are also brought up for charges and all punished by the accusing prefect. Sarah, however, proves to be unequal to the task, having never caned before. She learns the consequences of her ignorance first-hand.
synopsis by Maeve

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