Sunday, 12 August 2012

This Week's Acquistions

Despite the Head Librarian blowing up her computer yet again *sigh* (not to mention my food processor later in the week... grrrr) we have still managed to load a further 39 items to the virtual shelves of the LSF. Items were as follows:

Alan Barr:
Annual Retreat At St Thomas's
Stand-Off At St. Thomas's

B.Y. Pardon:
Nosey Parker's Discovery - Part 1
Nosey Parker's Discovery - Part 2
Nosey Parker's Discovery - Part 3

Girl From Brazil
Have Paddle Will Travel
Never Show Your Face - Part 3

Bottomsup Becky:
Oh Pa

Canadian Spankee:
Life And Blood - Part 2
Life And Blood - Part 3

My First Spanking

Mutton Dressed As Leopard - Part 2

Dr Keate:
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 06
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 07
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 08

Anyone For Vindaloo?
Linnet And The Raven - Part 11
Linnet And The Raven - Part 12
Old Man From Chester

Grace Brackenridge:
Bet Spanking
Getting Around To The Truth
Make It Quick

Over A Breach Of Discipline

Thin Rattan

Katie B:
The Saga Of Robin Pierson - Part 07


Louise Vancisic:
The Lake - Part 1
The Lake - Part 2

Louise Watson:
Confessions Of A Naughty Schoolgirl - Part 28

The Spank Shop 27a: Samuel
The Spank Shop 27b: Misty
The Spank Shop 27c: Rachel

Susan Thomas:
Twelve Words

A Can Of Peaches

Hamm On Rye

Farnsworth Strikes Back - Part 1
Farnsworth Strikes Back - Part 2
Late For School

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