Friday, 18 May 2012


We thought it about time we got around to creating a blog - so here it is! For anyone out there who doesn't know about us, The Library of Spanking Fiction (LSF) originated as one of the features on a members only site called Bottom Lines. We took the decision to make the LSF publicly available in August 2009 and have never looked back. Current membership is over 10,000, and we have almost 19,000 spanking stories available from over 500 authors. We also have a lively forum plus a chat room. Alas, Google hates spankos as it has cast us out of its indexes; but as dear old Google seems to like its own blogger sites - we thought we may as well jump in and have one!

So, in this worthy repository of spanking fiction you will find stories, poems, serials, letters, limericks, songs and even a play or two ... all related to the noble art of spanking. Our audio project to record selected songs poems and stories is ongoing - more about that later. What makes the site special is our non commercial ethos - in other words, site hosting etc fees come out of our own pockets and use of the site is absolutely free once you have registered. All we ask in return is that readers use the site responsibly and leave a few comments on stories they have particularly enjoyed.

We'll be updating the blog regularly and aside from the usual wafflings and grumblings we'll provide all manner of amazing facts and information about what goes on behind the scenes at the LSF! Stay tuned!

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