Friday, 18 May 2012

Lucky Dip

One of the many excellent functions we have on the library, thanks to Februs, is a Lucky Dip button. This is perfect for when you can't decide what you fancy reading, or if you just want a change - perhaps to discover an older piece of work or a new author who has passed you by. Anyway, I have decided to give it a go and then tell you about the story that was chosen for me.

Mandy by Pappy was what came up at the top of the lucky dip list.

Without even opening the story I could tell some of what to expect due to the synopsis, content icons and sub genre provided at the time of validation. Happy with this I sat down to read...

Mandy is a story of two teens who are very in touch with their needs and burgeoning desires - even if they don't understand the link yet. It also tells of a blended family and acceptance of a new man into the household. Of course it has spanking action, dealt with in a smooth descriptive way.

Did I enjoy the story? Yes most definitely. Would I have chosen to read it without using the lucky dip button? No, I doubt it very much. Am I glad I did? Yes and I shall definitely do so again.

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