Friday, 18 May 2012

1,000 Day Countdown

We are on day 992 of the library's existence, only eight days until we reach the big 1,000! We hope to mark the occasion with a huge party and consuming our own bodyweight in crisps, chocolate and booze - well faux red bull for Februs.

All contributions to this gratefully received. We accept, buttons, gold bullion, false teeth and of course loose change. All such contributions will be misused for our own pleasure.

So far we have 12 buttons, some rather over-large grey knickers that flops keeps waving around and 17 pence in change, it is going to be some party :D


  1. I'm confused. You are saying that we're on day 992 and we're counting DOWN to 1000? Won't that take a long time?

  2. Count up sounded so odd though Guy lol