Saturday, 26 November 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings folks. It's the weekend again, and it's a cold one!

Time to chill out and indulge in some spanking fiction. Here's a list of the items recently loaded to the library, but don't forget we have almost 27,000 other stories on offer too. It will take even the most avid reader some time to get through that little lot!

A Night In November

The Magic Reeds

The Glacier - Part 1
The Glacier - Part 2
The Glacier - Part 3
The Glacier - Part 4
The Glacier - Part 5
The Glacier - Part 6

The Third Date - Part 7

The Dog Ate My Homework - Part 2
The Terrible Witch Queen Of Aksha - Part 3

A Most Agreeable Day - Part 4

Lisa Berry:
Corset Shop Discipline - Part 23
A Journey Back In Time
The Lisa Godfrey Interviews - Part 03
Mrs Martin's Discipline Dreams 07
School Strike

Bottom Of The Class
Hold Up Your Nightgown
Ping Pong Paddling

Community Discipline Centre - Part 1

Phil K:
A Cute Little Teen From Montana
A Fellow From North California
I'd Love You To Spank Me
A Sexy Young Lady From Ware
She Ran Into The Back Of My Motor
Trying To Have A Siesta
Young Felicity
A Young Hussy From Chichester

Consequences Of Curiosity - Part 1
Mrs Jackson
A Warm Thursday

Dear Flopsy 2
Dear Flopsy 3

Softly, Sweetly

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