Saturday, 12 November 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings all. We bring you details of the new titles recently loaded to the Library of Spanking Fiction.

Our latest story challenge has now finished and the winners have been announced - congratulations to everyone who participated, and if you haven't yet done so, do stop by and read some of the entries.

See you next week :)

Reality TV

The Game
The Interrogation - Part 1
The Interrogation - Part 2
The Interrogation - Part 3
The Interrogation - Part 4
The Interrogation - Part 5
The Interrogation - Part 6
The Interrogation - Part 7
The Interrogation - Part 8

Canadian Spankee:
Birthday Spanking? - Part 1

Alternative Marriage Guidance - Part 6

The Mall Spank Center

Burning Beach Bunny Bottom
The Terrible Witch Queen Of Aksha - Part 1

Jennifer Pearson:
Haunted By The Hairbrush

Lisa Berry:
The Diary Of A Housemistress - Part 6
The Hijack
Mrs Martin's Discipline Dreams 06
The School Reunion - Part 3
Teacher Training

I Just Missed The Show
Shall I Fetch The Cane Sir?
Spying Through The Window
The Weekend Monitor

The Chronicles Of Charlotte Primrose - Part 2
The Chronicles Of Charlotte Primrose - Part 3

The New Starter

Special Living Arrangements...

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