Sunday, 26 June 2016

Latest Acquisitions

It's a weekend of rain and thunderstorms here in the UK. What's happened to Summer, huh? Oh well, pull up an indoor chair and get stuck in to your new roundup of spanky stories.

Don't forget our latest story challenge is still open for reading and voting. Drop by if you can and take a look. In the meantime ... enjoy what remains of the weekend :)

Arthur James Blimp:
Miss Randall

Starting Over 2


DJ Black:
Adventures Of A Bottom 6
Erin Investigates 1
Erin Investigates 2
Erin Investigates 3
Erin Investigates 4
In The Service Of The Wolf - Part 1
Iron And Leather

Reconicort Cruises - Part 6

Jenny The Spy

Unforseen Consequences - Part 4

Ptolemy Tortoise:
Champflower Chronicles - Part 3

Rebel T:
The University Spanking Club - Part 13

Rosie Radcliffe:
Training Amarra - Part 15
Training Amarra - Part 16

The Embezzlement - Part 1
The Embezzlement - Part 2
The Embezzlement - Part 3
The Embezzlement - Part 4

Class Reunion

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