Saturday, 11 June 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks ... another week flown by. It's teeming down with rain here - hope you are faring better.

Ok, so here's the latest list of spanking goodies loaded during the past week to the LSF. Time to put your feet up and get reading! And don't forget there's still time to get your Challenge story in before the deadline.

Nosy Girls

Canadian Spankee:
Airport Caper

DJ Black:
The Deal - Part 13
The Deal - Part 14
The Deal - Part 15
The Deal - Part 16
The Deal - Part 17
The Deal - Part 18
The Deal - Part 19
The Deal - Part 20
The Invention
A Matter Of Fact

The Turntable - Part 3
The Turntable - Part 4

Jacqueline Scott:
Six Stripes

Helen and the Laird... - Part 5

Leslie Jones:
Spanking In The Family

Lisa Berry:
Charles And Melissa Again
Down On The Farm
Love And Spanking - Part 01
Love And Spanking - Part 02
A Rude Shop Assistant

Second Childhood By Choice - Part 3

Parental Involvement Program - Part 12

Rick Marlowe:
He Said/She Said: A Dialogue

The Case Of Lucy The Maid

Tim the Tum:
Terrible Tim - Part 1
Terrible Tim - Part 2
Terrible Tim - Part 3
Terrible Tim - Part 4

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