Saturday, 10 October 2015

Latest Acquisitions

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Here's a list of recent spanky stories loaded to the LSF over the past week.

If there's anyone out there considering entering our current story challenge, you need to get a move on as the closing date for submissions is October 14th. Good luck!

Alan Barr:
New Life

Ancient Brit:
New Event For The London Olympics?

The Police Panty Collection


CM Zero:
Fallshadow Shrine - Part 08

Crimson Kid:
It's Not Fair! #4

Dave Christopher:
Lazy Days - Part 1

A Most Agreeable Day - Part 2
Rebecca Gets A New Name - Part 10

Jennifer Pearson:
Over The Moon From The Spoon!
Seasonal Spanks
A Visit From The Brush

Alma And The Colonel - Part 2
Alma And The Colonel - Part 3

Lisa Berry:
Corset Shop Discipline - Part 8
The Dream
The Governess - Part 3
The Governess - Part 4
The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 23

Bath Interrupted
Had To Spank My Sister This Morning
Paddling The Slumber Party Runaways

Put In Their Place

Helen's Adventure - Part 1
Helen's Adventure - Part 2

First Writing, Then Fighting
The Woodshed - Part 1

Girl Talk
Sorting Things Out With Seth

Tom Redden:
Woodshed For Mary

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