Saturday, 3 October 2015

Latest Acquisitions

Well here we are again, marching into the autumn, with the prospect of cold dark nights ahead ... the perfect opportunity to curl up by the fire with a good book - or your laptop etc to read spanky stories from the LSF.

Here's the latest batch. Have a great weekend!

Alan Barr:
The New Counsellor

Ancient Brit:
Mission Accomplished - Part 1
Mission Accomplished - Part 2
Mission Accomplished - Part 3

The Startup - Part 1

Canadian Spankee:
Maintaining Dominance
Rob Gains A Mother - Part 2

Cedric Palmer:
Harriet - Part 1

CM Zero:
Fallshadow Shrine - Part 07

The Dresser

Jennifer Pearson:
Daddy's Beastly Belt
The Library Fine
The Power Of The Paddle
Strapped Again

Becket Revisited - Part 3
Becket Revisited - Part 4
Becket Revisited - Part 5

The Very Naughty Miss Cole - Part 13

Lisa Berry:
Corset Shop Discipline - Part 7
A Day In Class With Miss Rawlings
Extra Knickers
Penny & Jackie - Part 2
The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 22

Louise Vancisic:
Play Date - Part 2

Called Home To Spank The Kids
Forging My Signature Was A Bad Idea
The Sunday After-Church Whipping

The Terrible Fourteen's

Seen To Be Done - Part 1
Seen To Be Done - Part 2

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