Saturday, 29 March 2014

Latest Acquisitions

I can't believe how quickly another week has flown by!

Ok, so here we are again, with the latest loaded list, containing lots of goodies to enjoy over the weekend.

Plenty to choose from. Read & enjoy!

Cookie Sales And Spanking
Julie Decks A Narcissist
Shame On Her At Her Age

Canadian Spankee:
Charley In Charge

The Brothers

Djinn And Flick
The Gleam In Her Eye - Part 7

Girls Get Into Trouble Too

Katie B:
Who's The Boss? - Part 1
Who's The Boss? - Part 2
Who's The Boss? - Part 3
Who's The Boss? - Part 4

Anxiety And Discovery
The Apprentice - Part 01
New Member Of Staff
The Witness - Part 2

Lawrence Kinden:
Lavender Soap
Zozo's Exorcism - Part 1
Zozo's Exorcism - Part 2
Zozo's Exorcism - Part 3

Louise Vancisic:
Mark Hunter: Repentance - Part 3

Henry - Part 16

Nancy Wing:
The Accounting - Part 2

The School Event – Part 2
Women In Charge - Part 2

Rachel Redbum:
Bare Bottom Blues
Smith Academy Boarding School - Part 6
Smith Academy Boarding School - Part 7

Overlord - Part 5

Tara Black:
Spank Daddy

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