Monday, 10 March 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Now that the latest LSF Story Challenge is over (do pay the LSF a visit soon and come and check out the stories - there are some really good ones), new submissions are piling in again.

Here is the list of latest acquisitions, with more to come very soon. Dive right in in folks, there's something for everyone.

Hari Potter & The Full Officer's Scone - Part 2

My Second Wednesday At School

Caller ID And The Get Together
Fantasies Incorporated - NHB 3
The Spanking Siren

Cherry Red:
Jeans Down For Heidi's Hiney - Part 3

Crimson Kid:
An Experiment In Ass-Thrashing

Fiona Blue:
Except... Spank Maria

Natalya's Odyssey - Part 3
Practical Joke

Jack Crawford:
The Genie - Part 06
The Genie - Part 07
The Genie - Part 08
The Genie - Part 09

Jacqueline Scott:
The Clinic

Louise Vancisic:
Mark Hunter: Repentance - Part 1

OTK in CT:
Paying The Fine

Ellie And Frank - Part 4

Paris Annette Morreau:
Disabuse That Notion

Caught Out At Last - Part 2
The Spanking Manual - Part 3

Phil K:
Origins Of The Fathers' Club

Sarah Sloan:
CP In My Early Years - Part 7

Sennett Lefevre:
What Had To Be Done

Susan Thomas:
Alderton College - Part 04
Alderton College - Part 05
Alderton College - Part 06

Tom Levi:
How To Spank Your Tomboy

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