Thursday, 28 November 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Here we go again with the latest list of goodies added to the bulging virtual shelves of the LSF. There is something for everyone.

There is one new author represented in this selection - welcome Leigh Smith.

So curl up with your laptop and a glass or two of something nice ... enjoy.

Alan Barr:
The Devious Headmaster's Change Of Heart

My Second Day At School

Canadian Spankee:
The Rest Of Isaac's Story

Aunt's Medicine - Part 09
Grandpa's Birthday Present

DJ Black:
The Justice Adjustment
The Justice Adjustment 2
Live On TV This Week: Domestic Discipline
Magic - Part 55
Magic - Part 56
Magic - Part 57
Magic - Part 58
The Prize - Part 1
The Schoolhouse On The Prairie
Spankmanship - Part 19
An Unusual Fulfilment

Fiona Blue:
Spoiled Brat


The Dream Factory

Leigh Smith:
Facing Challenges

Conducting A Spanking
Henry - Part 13

Rachel Redbum:
Spanked For Truancy

My Brother

Spanking Theatre:
Message In A Bottle

Susan Thomas:
False Identity - Part 1
False Identity - Part 2
Our Little Secret

Swish Strict:
How Very Dare You!

Stepfather - Part 3

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