Saturday, 10 August 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Oh dear, I have just remembered why I should do this when it is first due and not several days later. I am sure that yellow button chases me. I am known for a certain amount of ocd, just enough that I can't leave something that needs doing for long if there is a visual reminder that I need to do it. Anyway, as ever some great new stories for you all... Enjoy

Zero Tolerance

Do You Believe In Fate?

Canadian Spankee:
But I...

My Most Embarrassing Spanking...

Cherry Red:
Hermione's School Rebellion

David G:
Little Maggie Baker

DJ Black:
Committee Of One
I Stranger
Magic - Part 40
Magic - Part 41
Magic - Part 42
Magic - Part 43

Dr Keate:
On The Brink

The Housekeeper - Part 3

The House At The End Of The Street

Chicken Licken

Rachel Redbum:
Spanked At School, Spanked At Home

Red Nates:
The Morning Agenda - Part 04

Rick Marlowe:
Schrodinger's Kat

Tender Bottom Tuesday - Part 2

Intimacy Intensive - Part 11

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