Wednesday, 20 February 2013

This Week's Acquisitions

Well, I don't know about all of you but to me this feels rather like deja vu!! There is only one way to get back in line with these latest loaded lists, so this week you are treated to double the new stories, all for your perusal. Not only that but the other two confiscated the key to the goodie drawer until I did this... So, under duress, I hope you enjoy these and I am off to get some crisps now.

Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes

The Lighthouse Keeper

Aunt Carla:
In Front Of The Whole Town - Part 1

The Maid And Maggie May - Part 3

A Bad Attitude
Oh That Kileen
The Spanking Place

Paris, Je T'aime

The One-Night Stand

Canadian Spankee:
What They Wanted

Shutes And Ladders - Part 1
Shutes And Ladders - Part 2
Shutes And Ladders - Part 3
Shutes And Ladders - Part 4
Shutes And Ladders - Part 5
Shutes And Ladders - Part 6
Shutes And Ladders - Part 7
Shutes And Ladders - Part 8
Shutes And Ladders - Part 9

Cherry Red:
Cupid Strikes Gwyn

Shopping At The Big Box Store

Don A. Landhill:
'Bad Girl!' Doesn't Mean Forever
The Dominator
The Paddle Hymm Of The Privileged Public
Red Paddle For A Brat Lady
Red Velvet
The Scolding
Smacks That Pass In The Night
Song Of The Paddle
The Sounds Of Spanking
Spankable You
The Swing By The Shore

Valentine's Day - Part 1
Valentine's Day - Part 2

Secret Spanko

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Boundary Chronicles - Part 7
For Susan

Bronson's Shot - Part 4

J Wackford Colton:
Princess Margaret And The Archbishop

Jack Crawford:
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 07
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 08
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 09

Joy Peters:
Jacqui's Story

Louise Watson:
Confessions Of A Student Nurse - Part 2

Naughty Norah & The Match Point

Serenade Con Brio - Part 7

Pipkin Tale:
The Secret Garden

Rachel Redbum:
Growing Pains - Part 2
Growing Pains - Part 3
Growing Pains - Part 4

Hot Hot Hot
School Days

Not Too Old

A Mother's Love

Best Ever Leaving Present

Thomas Bruns:
School Policy

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