Thursday, 5 July 2012

New Author: RedRump

Congratulations to RedRump on the publication of his first spanking story in two parts, aptly named Red Rumped! We have featured RedRump before in the Wellred Weekly where he did an interview for us about his spanking art. Synopses for the 2-part story are shown below:

Red Rumped! - Part 1
RR has arranged a meeting with Penelope over the internet and he is nervous when he arrives at the meeting place. Penelope is there and gives him instruction to be at an address in London at 4:00 PM sharp. RR is late and Penelope is less than pleased telling hime to remove his trousers, shirt and tie and to get over her knee NOW.
synopsis by dundee47

Red Rumped! - Part 1
RR has been soundly spanked by Penelope but not to her satisfaction, so she makes him fill a sink with hot water and then to immerse his hot and sore bottom in it. As he soaks she fetches the cane and tells him she is going to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.
synopsis by dundee47

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  1. A little background on the story - Miss Penelope is the real life Penelope Hasler, spanking fiction author. Awhile back, she gave me a very thorough virtual paddling on her blog, and in thanks, I promised to do a piece for her featuring the both of us on my blog.
    We've since become good pen pals. I encourage any and all to pay your own visit to Penny at Naughty Little Writer (she's on the blogroll under contributors)
    She's a true inspiration, that girl.