Friday, 13 July 2012

New Author: Ambamarie

The latest author at the LSF is Ambamarie whose 3-part serial, Kitchen Antics, has just been loaded. Synopses for the 3-part serial are shown below:

Kitchen Antics - Part 1
Raurn is a very committed chef and looks forward to making a success at the Steak House. He needs a Sous Chef, but has been unable to have any input in the selection, whilst recalling the disastrous situation with old childhood mate, Ariagne.
synopsis by corncrake

Kitchen Antics - Part 2
The management of the Steak House has appointed Ariagne as a sous chef. On her arrival the chef, Raurn, is horrified and, after the shift, confides the whole history of their relationship to Orin whom he swears to secrecy...
synopsis by corncrake

Kitchen Antics - Part 3
Ari, the new sous chef, is making his life a misery and undermining his authority, driving Chef Raurn to despair. At long last, and after many years, he has her over his knee, determined to change her attitude. It takes a long time, but finally each acknowledges their love for the other.
synopsis by corncrake

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