Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks

Here's your weekly fix of spanking stories.

We've just announced a new F/M story challenge, so now's your chance to get writing! Do drop by and check out the details on the forum.

Adam Kessler:
Miss Clauson

Might I Have It On The Bare, Sir?

Bottomsup Becky:
The Cattle Baron's Daughter - Part 3

Canadian Spankee:
I Submit To...

A New Regime - Part 1
A New Regime - Part 2

Ember Shadow:
Sylvan for College Students - Part 04
Sylvan for College Students - Part 05

The Midnight Train - Part 1
The Midnight Train - Part 2
The Midnight Train - Part 3

BB Gun - Part 10

Kitty's First Teaching Day

Lawrence Kinden:
The Palmer Sisters

Lisa Berry:
Mrs Martin's Discipline Dreams 11
A Pain In The Backside
The Spanking World Of Mary Parker - Part 1
The Spanking World Of Mary Parker - Part 2

Bun-Burn At The Beach
Kaycee's Family Camping Trip
The Long Slow Drop
Sunday Driving Lessons
Thanksgiving Roasts

The Misty Bog - Part 1
The Misty Bog - Part 2
The Misty Bog - Part 3
The Misty Bog - Part 4
The Misty Bog - Part 5

Dear Mr 7

Moving Day

Just Another Day At The Office... - Part 8

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