Sunday, 2 October 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Good morning ... lovely day here, with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. I won't ramble on about the weather ... I'll ramble on about spanking fiction instead:D

Here's our latest list of items loaded to the LSF, so do stop by and check out the stories - not just the new ones ... we have almost 27,000 others to keep you entertained.

Plan For The First
The Startup - Part 5
The Startup - Part 6

Old-Fashioned Family - Part 3

Jill And The Beanstalk
Training The New PA - Part 7
A Visit To Froggy Martin

The Request - Part 1
The Request - Part 2
The Request - Part 3
The Request - Part 4
The Request - Part 5
The Request - Part 6

Woman Gone Wild

Canadian Spankee:
Danny - Family Tradition

A Drawing Not Fit... - Part 2

Dr Keate:
Sit Down Strike

The Third Date - Part 5

BB Gun - Part 4

Don't Wear A Thong To The Beach!
Izumi Buys New Clothes - Part 1
Izumi Buys New Clothes - Part 2

Jane Markwell:
Facebook Can Be Bad For The Bottom

Jennifer Pearson:
I Prattle Of The Paddle
If Only I had Listened...
Once Upon A Sunday - Part 1
Public Service Announcement
Resistance Is Futile
Watered Vodka = Welted Bottom
Yardstick Beyond Measurement

Lisa Berry:
Bend Over Brenda
A Case Of Mistaken Identity
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
Diary Of A Housemistress - Part 4
Extra Tuition - Part 3
Linda Visits Her Mum
The Memories Of A Schoolgirl
Memories Of Pitman Street School
The PE Teacher

I'll Never Slam My Door Again
Monday Morning Maintenance Spanking
My Turn To Play Prison Warden
Naughty Butts All In A Row

Paul Jackson:
In Front Of The School

Josie And Her Daughter In Charge

Parental Involvement Program - Part 15
Parental Involvement Program - Part 16

Pam Barton, Student Teacher
A Sore Seat For Vicky

The Lady Montrose Escapade - Part 1
My New Life - Part 1
My New Life - Part 2
The New Sister-in-Law

Rosie Radcliffe:
Mary Puts Her Ass On The Line - Part 1
Mary Puts Her Ass On The Line - Part 2
Training Amarra - Part 23

Two Teenagers Around The House

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