Saturday, 3 September 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks, it's the weekend and it's raining ... again. Duh!

Here's our latest collection of new spanky delights loaded to the LSF, so be sure to find some time to drop by and read your favourite authors.

See you next week.

A Very Bad Choice - Part 2

Training The New PA - Part 3
Training The New PA - Part 4

Canadian Spankee:
Danny - Push Away
What Is Passing Through Your Mind?

Whip Strokes And Apple Pies

Working Things Out

The Third Date - Part 2

BB Gun - Part 3

Jacqueline Scott:
The Bonding Experience

Jennifer Pearson:
The Calm Before The Storm
Switching It Up
A Wealth Of Spankings

Lisa Berry:
Discipline In A Stately Home - Part 3
Mum's Slipper

Louise Vancisic:
JulieAnne's Paper - Part 2

Allison's Very Unusual Request
Today's Report From The Spanking Olympics
What The Repairman Heard

Liaison - Part 2

Phil K:
Great Expectations - The Missing Chapter

Kim's Story In A Spanking Chatroom
Letters To The Editor 05
Letters To The Editor 06
Letters To The Editor 07
Letters To The Editor 08
Letters To The Editor 09

Rosie Radcliffe:
Breaking Mariella
Training Amarra - Part 20
Training Amarra - Part 21

Avalanche - Part 6

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