Sunday, 21 August 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks, hope you are all having a good weekend. It's been raining here!

Feast your eyes on this list of spanking goodies, all loaded to the LSF during the past week.

Drop by and have a browse.

Alan de Veau:

The Startup - Part 4

Training The New PA - Part 1
Training The New PA - Part 2

Alternative Marriage Guidance - Part 5

The Third Date - Part 1

Jacqueline Scott:
The Obsession

Jennifer Pearson:
Spanked A Plenty

Lisa Berry:
More Hotel Discipline
Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 35

Louise Vancisic:
JulieAnne's Paper - Part 1 of 2

Daddy I'm Sorry I Was Naughty
The Good Samaritan Defense
I'd Like To Buy An Icepack Please
My Special Cure For Naughty Girls

Katherine's Attitude Adjustment

Phil K:
Keeping Lucy Warm

Conversation Between Two Teen Girls
Eric Learns A Painful Lesson
Letters To The Editor 01
Letters To The Editor 02
Letters To The Editor 03
Letters To The Editor 04
Red Moon Rising: Brad's Story

Rosie Radcliffe:
Training Amarra - Part 19
Trickster's Ass Whipping

Avalanche - Part 1
Avalanche - Part 2
Avalanche - Part 3

Good Neighbor Policy

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