Sunday, 17 July 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks, it's a scorcher of a Sunday afternoon here and I'm taking a break from digging up weeds in the garden to post this list of our recent spanky goodies loaded to the LSF.

So do drop by and have a read of your favourite authors.

See you next week.

Sex And The Amateur Astronomer

Dave Christopher:
Picture Perfect - Part 2

Dr Keate:
Return To Bleakdale Grange - Part 6

The Encounter

Inter-School Total Cross Country... - Part 1
Inter-School Total Cross Country... - Part 2
Inter-School Total Cross Country... - Part 3
Inter-School Total Cross Country... - Part 4

A Disciplinary Picnic

The Compliment

Leslie Jones:
Spanking In The Family - Part 5

Lisa Berry:
Hotel Discipline

Banished To The Basement For A Beating
Hiding A Runaway Leads To Two Hidings
Praying The Neighbors Aren't Watching
Resetting Her Thoughts

The Torturer And His Wife

Second Childhood By Choice - Part 7

Phil K:
Bubble Butt
A Chorister's Pranks
A Girl Called Evangeline Schmitz
An Ill-Mannered Young Lady From Ely
A Naughty Young Lady From Kent
A Pretty Young Girl From Issanka
When Yasmin Is Lazy At Work
While Spanking His Girlfriend
A Wilful Young Lady Called Fay
A Young Lady In Tresco

Parental Involvement Program - Part 14

Rick Marlowe:

Not Another Bloody Schoolgirl Outfit!

Susan Thomas:
Mr Perfectly-Right-For-Emma

Theo Jones:
Skelpay Tales - Part 27
Skelpay Tales - Part 28
Skelpay Tales - Part 29
Skelpay Tales - Part 30
Skelpay Tales - Part 31
Skelpay Tales - Part 32

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