Sunday, 8 May 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks, the sun is shining here and it's been a scorching hot weekend, and I've been digging in the garden :D

But it's now time to send you your weekly fix of stories loaded to the LSF. So here they are.


The Morning After
Reconicort Cruises - Part 3


Trading Places - Part 6
Trading Places - Part 7

Lisa Berry:
Meadow Lane School - Part 05
Meadow Lane School - Part 06
The School Cane
Spanking Therapy
What Does It Feel Like?

Louise Vancisic:
Regaining Mom's Trust

Erica's Spanking Hokey-Pokey
Ginny's Unpaid Parking Tickets - Part 09
Ginny's Unpaid Parking Tickets - Part 10
Misty's Midweek Maintenance
Patricia's Piano Paddlings

The School Referral
A Tale Of Two Slippers

Unforseen Consequences - Part 3

Phil K:
Not Her Best Day

Rachel Redbum:
Shock And Awe - Part 1

Theo Jones:
Skelpay Tales - Part 20
Skelpay Tales - Part 21
Skelpay Tales - Part 22
Skelpay Tales - Part 23
Skelpay Tales - Part 24

W. Arthur:
Abduction Of The Shrew
The Echoglen Librarian
Jennifer's First Experience
One Night In The Seraglio

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