Saturday, 23 April 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks, it's Saturday and the sun is shining, so make the most of it as there will be snow in the UK in the next few days according to the weather people! (If they get it wrong, they should be soundly spanked)

Enough about the weather. Here's our latest list of spanky tales. Tuck in and enjoy.

Canadian Spankee:
Danny's Training Weekend - Part 1
Danny's Training Weekend - Part 2
Danny's Training Weekend - Part 3

DJ Black:
The Deal - Part 10
The Deal - Part 11
Royal Rivalries: The Duty And The Shame

Reconicort Cruises - Part 2
Suspended And Corrected - Part 5
Suspended And Corrected - Part 6

Ember Shadow:
Sylvan for College Students - Part 03

My Personal Tutor - Part 1
My Personal Tutor - Part 2

The Atonement Club

Two Bare Bottoms At Assembly

Erica And The Wolfe
Helen And The Slipper

Lisa Berry:
Corset Shop Discipline - Part 17
Meadow Lane School - Part 01
Meadow Lane School - Part 02
My First School Caning
Was It Really Like That? - Part 3

Ginny's Unpaid Parking Tickets - Part 4
Ginny's Unpaid Parking Tickets - Part 5
Jennifer's Bad Babysitting Experience - Part 1
Jennifer's Bad Babysitting Experience - Part 2
School Awards Night Snit

A Wife's Night Out

Mum's Derogation From Duty - Part 3
A Parent's Admission

A Teenage Girl Around The House

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