Sunday, 7 February 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings from a very wet, soggy part of the UK, where we are all developing webbed feet from the constant rain.

Here's our most recent listing of new items added to the Library of Spanking Fiction. We have recently introduced a modest $10 annual subscription, so if you'd like to help keep the LSF going, please drop by and subscribe!

In 2037 - Part 4

Crimson Kid:
It's Not Fair! #5
Sibling Surprise

Dave Caldewell:
Like Mother, Like Daughter

Dr Keate:
Knickers Down, Nurse Dawson! - Part 11
Knickers Down, Nurse Dawson! - Part 12
Knickers Down, Nurse Dawson! - Part 13
Knickers Down, Nurse Dawson! - Part 14
Knickers Down, Nurse Dawson! - Part 15

Suspended And Corrected - Part 1
Suspended And Corrected - Part 2

The Hornet's Nest

Lisa Berry:
The Neighbour - Part 6
The Neighbour - Part 7
The New Headmistress - Part 6
The New Headmistress - Part 7
A Spanking For Emma
The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 30
Taking A Short Cut

Louise Vancisic:
Ending The Bullying - Part 2
Left Behind

Dad's Whipping Girl

OTK in CT:
New Year's Spankin' Eve

Altogether As She Was Born

Rosie Radcliffe:
Training Amarra - Part 06
Training Amarra - Part 07

Ryan Rowland:
Only Imagine

Tom Redden:
MIS Spanking

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