Saturday, 28 November 2015

Latest Acquisitions

It's chucking it down with rain again here! Nasty! Oh well, hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Once again we bring you more new titles added to the Library of Spanking Fiction.

The new author in this batch is Shade Mosby. That's all for now. See you next week.

Left Holding The Belt

Down On Old, Macdonald's Farm

Dave Christopher:
Bad Decision Essay Contest - Mary Knowles

DJ Black:
Hard Countenances
Indian Summer
Sinclair Method - Part 17
Sinclair Method - Part 18
A Visit To The Head

Dr Keate:
Be Warned!
Church Militant
Do As You Would Be Done By
Greek Sweets
Midwestern Education
Out Back
Spank And Make Up
Strict Terms
Sweet Sue
We Should Be So Lucky

The Formidable Miss Simmons

Lisa Berry:
The New Headmistress - Part 3
The New Headmistress - Part 4
The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 27
A Victorian 'Whipping'

Adding Some Colour

The Don't-Tell-My-Dad Option

Military Strictness - Part 2

A Desire Fulfilled

Helen's Adventure - Part 9

Snow Buns & The Severe Dwarves - Part 1

Rosie Radcliffe:
Caught Cheating - Part 1
Caught Cheating - Part 2

Shade Mosby:
My Tir Na Nog

Theo Jones:
Skelpay Tales - Part 09
Skelpay Tales - Part 10
Skelpay Tales - Part 11
Skelpay Tales - Part 12

Tim the Tum:
My Tomboy Bride

Tom Redden:
Katie's Lesson

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