Saturday, 25 July 2015

Latest Acquisitions

It's Saturday and the sun is shining (at least it is here!) so pull up a chair and pour yourself a glass of something nice to drink while you catch up on the stories of some of your favourite spanky authors. There's one new author in the list this week - Miserationum.

Happy reading, and see you again next week.

Alan Barr:
Little Madams

The Hole
The Masseur

The VIvian 3000 - Part 3

CM Zero:
Fallshadow Shrine - Part 01

DJ Black:
Consequences - Part 4
Consequences - Part 5

Dr Keate:
Rueful Reflections

Pineville High's Celebrity Student - Part 1

John Graves:
Birthday Reversal

Emulating Tom

Toy For The Neighbour - Part 1

Lawrence Kinden:
What Kind Of Girl

Lisa Berry:
The Life Of A Domestic Servant - Part 3
The Life Of A Domestic Servant - Part 4
The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 14
The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 15
What's Cooking?

Louise Watson:
Sally And The Spanking Cartoons
The Secretary, The Teacher...

The Boarding House - Part 01

Anna Kate's Bright Idea
When In Rome

Danny - Part 2

The Flagellation Of Marianne

Exchange Student Surprise - Part 20
Exchange Student Surprise - Part 21
Exchange Student Surprise - Part 22

Funny How Things Work Out Sometimes

Tom Simple:
The Bench In The Park

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