Sunday, 1 June 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Hey, it's June. June! Can you believe it? Only six months to go til Christmas ... :D

Here is a list of the latest offerings from the participating authors of the LSF. So relax under your sun umbrella with a glass of something nice, and enjoy reading ...

The Substitute

The New Governess

Canadian Spankee:
Fred's Teenage Years - Part 4
Fred's Teenage Years - Part 5

Cherry Red:
Brittany's Spandex Shorts Spanking - Part 1

DJ Black:
The Sinclair Method - Part 4
The Sinclair Method - Part 5
The Tempest

Fiona Blue:
Did You Hear About Kate? - Part 4

The Billionaire Cowboy
From Innocence To Experience

J Wackford Colton:
Justice Served At Last

Jack Crawford:
The Houseboy
A Stupid Dare - Part 1
A Stupid Dare - Part 2
A Stupid Dare - Part 3
A Stupid Dare - Part 4
A Stupid Dare - Part 5

It's Good To Be Bad
Warmed Bottoms And Warm Hearts

Louise Watson:
Amy And David

Margaret Jane:
The Interlude

OTK in CT:

Never Too Late - Part 2
Spanked By His Sisters

My Best Friend Spanked Me On Holiday
Sunday 5pm

The Price Of Discipline

Tom Levi:
When I Met Sue

The Tease

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