Saturday, 12 October 2013

Latest Acquisitions

*Rushes in, slams the door and collapses into a nice comfy chair* My goodness, I need to have about three of me to keep up at the minute. Where does the time go! Reading any of these lovely new stories is out for me and as for writing one, well... it's been too long. Anyway, enough about me! Lots is happening as ever and here is your latest list of goodies. Enjoy and have a good week.

Alan Barr:
Archaeology Today

A Heavenly Body

Cherry Red:
Be Kind To Your Behind - Part 1

DJ Black:
Magic - Part 51

Dr Keate:
The Coming Of The Brotherhood - Part 5
The Coming Of The Brotherhood - Part 6

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Master Of Castle Dracht - Part 6
The Master Of Castle Dracht - Part 7

The Island Of Forbidden Desires
Penny Dreadful Meets Mack The Whipper
The Traitor Of Endolis VII

J Wackford Colton:
The Correction Compartment

Sun Holiday

Laurel Aspen:
A Perfect PA

Lawrence Kinden:
Plotless - Part 1
Plotless - Part 2

Henry - Part 7
Henry - Part 8

Early One Morning

OTK in CT:
One Spanked Girl

Memories - Part 7
Memories - Part 8

Rachel Redbum:
Reversal Of Fortune - Part 3
Reversal Of Fortune - Part 4
Reversal Of Fortune - Part 5

Monthly Audit - Part 1

New Rules

Meet The Worthingtons... - Part 2

Overlord - Part 4

Spanking Theatre:

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