Wednesday, 9 January 2013

This Week's Acquisitions

Ho ho ho etc. It may have been the time for over-indulging with the Christmas pudding and watching endless repeats of Mary Poppins but that clearly hasn't put a stop to the writers of spanking fiction. Herewith the seasonal loaded list:


Canadian Spankee:
Dog's Point Of View
A Matter Of Trust

Blue Light Brigade

DJ Black:
Ad Astra - Part 5
Ad Astra - Part 6
Father Severest
Home Is A Hot Hairbrush
Hue And Cry
Memoirs Of A Lady's Companion - Part 1
Memoirs Of A Lady's Companion - Part 2
Seeking The Hunter
Weird About Spanking
Wishes - Part 1
Wishes - Part 2
Wishes - Part 3

Dr Keate:
Bleakdale Grange: The Haunting - Part 4

Geoffrey Stirling:
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 16

The New Girl At School

Jack Crawford:
The Casting Couch - Part 05
The Casting Couch - Part 06
The Casting Couch - Part 07

Janus Magazine:
A Beer And A Beating Please!
Dressed For The Part

John Graves:
First Birthday Spanking - Part 4
First Birthday Spanking - Part 5

Louise Vancisic:
College Girl Memories - Part 1

Nancy Wing:
Rosie Red Riding Hood

Naughty Julie:
Corporal Punishment In Myanmar

Phil K:
Bottoms Roasting By An Open Fire
Deck The Halls
I Saw Three Brats
I'm Dreaming Of A Red Christmas
Rula The Pretty Elfling
The Twelve Days Of Christmas

Rick Marlowe:
Three Pretty Maids In A Row - Part 1

The Spank Shop 30: Trent

Tara Black:
The Rigorist - Part 1
The Rigorist - Part 2

The Advertisement - Part 2

Wilf Owen:
Beauty And The Beast

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