Sunday, 5 August 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

It's all very well seeing these gold medals getting handed out at the London Olympics but it does seem somewhat unfair that there's no Olympic event for the loading of spanking stories. After all, if they're going to include synchronised swimming and beach volleyball, why not! Anyway, the previous week here at the LSF saw the synchronised loading of the following 47 items:

Alan Barr:
A Little Drama At St Thomas's
Punished At The Dairy

Never Show Your Face - Part 1
Never Show Your Face - Part 2


Canadian Spankee:
Life And Blood - Part 1

The Domestic Wedding

Mutton Dressed As Leopard - Part 1

DJ Black:
The Hemswell Programme
An Inspector Calls
Just You Wait
Making The Grade

Dr Keate:
Bleakdale Grange: Prep - Part 4
Bleakdale Grange: Prep - Part 5
Bleakdale Grange: Prep - Part 6

I Know You're Wondering

Lady From Crewe
Linnet And The Raven - Part 08
Linnet And The Raven - Part 09
Linnet And The Raven - Part 10

Summer Vacation - Part 1
Summer Vacation - Part 2
Summer Vacation - Part 3
Summer Vacation - Part 4

Green Sandals

Grace Brackenridge:
Back-up Spanking Daddy
Because I Said So
No Buts For Curious Butts
No Respect For Mom Spankings
Qualitatively Different
Sleepover Spankings In Centerville
Something Nice At The End Of A Spanking
Welcome To The Neighborhood

Corporate Justice - Part 1
Corporate Justice - Part 2

Spanked For Neglect - Part 4

J Wackford Colton:
A Deal Is A Deal

Jack Crawford:
The Problem Of Remarrying - The Aftermath

Katie B:
The Too Helpful Parent

Laurel Aspen:
The Dice Game

Louise Watson:
Confessions Of A Naughty Schoolgirl - Part 27
Peeper Caught Red-Handed

Mr. Magazine:
Apr 1968 - F.M., England
Apr 1968 - M.G., Ohio
Apr 1968 - Wild Wild World

Introducing The Dominant Man
Taking The Hit

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