Saturday, 4 July 2015

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings from a sweltering UK! It's even been too hot for spankering!

Here we have a list of the latest items added to the LSF .... there are rather a lot of poems this week, but some stories too.

Enjoy. See you again soon.

Alan Barr:
The English Vice
Naughty Sarah

The VIvian 3000 - Part 1

The Queen Of Darkness
Raiders Of The Lost Arse
Rainy Day

Canadian Spankee:
Rufus - Part 1
Rufus - Part 2

Crimson Kid:
It Sure Is Fun! #4

Tommy And The Girls

Rebecca Gets A New Name - Part 1

Jennifer Pearson:
Another Razor Strap Entry
Back Beneath The Brush
Back To The Brush
Bare Bottom Blues
Brush Burns
Brush Strokes For Jenny
Call To Action
Cane Song
Change Of Plans
The Conference
Constructive Criticism
Corner Time
The Cure For Backtalk
Dad Teaches A Lesson
Daddy's Strap
Damned If You Do... Damned If You Don't
A Date Over Mom's Lap
Date With The Brush
Don't Mess With Mom
Dumb Things Parents Say
The Evil Belt
The Hairbrush Cometh!
The Hairbrush Revisited
If Only
Jenny Gets The Brush
Jenny Spanked
Late For Dinner
Linguistic Error
Me, Mom And The Yardstick
Misery Loves Company
Mom Hit The Trifecta
Mom's Reminder
Mommy Memories
New Year's Spanking Poem
Next Victim Please
Night Moves
Nocturnal Thoughts Of An Oft Spanked Lass
Paddled Profusely
Poor Word Choices
Razor Strap Redux
Road Tripping = Road Whipping
Rubber Spatula Debut
A Spank In Time Is A Spank In Rhyme
Spanked Again
Spanked And Sent To Bed Early
Spanking Instructions
Spanks For The Memories
The Spoon Calls The Tune
The Tag Team
Time Travel
Waiting For The Brush
Woe Is Me On The Shopping Spree!

Birthday Spanking
Much To Learn - Part 05

The Very Naughty Miss Cole - Part 5
The Very Naughty Miss Cole - Part 6

Zoey Meets J. K. Howling

Lisa Berry:
The Life Of A Domestic Servant - Part 1
Memories Of A Hospital Sister - Part 5
Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 11
Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 12

Louise Watson:
Teacher Spanks The Secretary

Mr Rogers' Retirement
My Wicked Stepmother

One To One

Temporary Assignment
An Unexpected And Interesting Afternoon
A Visit To The Principals Office

Sophia - Soccer Player

Spank Shop 53: Jeffrey

Tom Levi:
A Summer Spanking Line

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks

Here are the latest spanky goodies added to the Library of Spanking Fiction.

Something for everyone. Have a great weekend.

The Williams - Part 04

A Game Of Two Halves - Part 2
The Powerful Dream

Canadian Spankee:
Martin And Eric - Alpha Female

Cherry Red:
Janice & The Crimson Bottom - Part 2

Katie's New Adventure

DJ Black:
The Sheikh... - Part 8
The Sheikh... - Part 9

In For A Penny

Justice, Post-Apocalypse

Jennifer Pearson:
The Belt... Again!
Once More Under The Belt
Razor Strap Poem #1
Sentenced To The Strap
Spanking Memories
Spanking Realizations

Joy Peters:
Holiday From Hell

Lisa Berry:
Memories Of A Hospital Sister - Part 4
Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 10

Louise Vancisic:
An Interview With Bev


Steph - Part 8

The Count Of Monte Bistro


Hot Ride Back From The Road - Part 2

Susan Thomas:
Alice's Education - Part 20
Alice's Education - Part 21
Alice's Education - Part 22
Bryony's Spanking

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Latest Acquisitions

Here we are again, with a selection of stories, poems and serials recently loaded to the Library of Spanking Fiction - taking our total to not far off 25,000 items!

So why not curl up with your favourite drink, read & enjoy, and we'll see you again next week.

The Williams - Part 02
The Williams - Part 03

Arthur James Blimp:
The Mysterious Mrs Ripley

Camp Briarswitch - Part 10
Camp Briarswitch - Part 11
Camp Briarswitch - Part 12

A Game Of Two Halves - Part 1

Beach Buggy

DJ Black:
The Wanderer And The Shield Maiden

Linda's Wish - Part 13
Linda's Wish - Part 14

Headmaster's New Wife - Part 6

Jennifer Pearson:
Chronicles Of Spanking
Hairbrush Memories
Long Distance Spanker
Mini Spanking Poem
Ode To A Razor Strap
Wooden Spoon Tune...

Losing It - His Perspective
Much To Learn - Part 04

Lisa Berry:
Memories Of A Hospital Sister - Part 3
The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 09

Louise Vancisic:
Mary Ann - Part 2

Louise Watson:
Spanking For The Teacher
Yet Another Spanking For The Secretary

Maybe It Will Be Over Right Away

Paul Jackson:
Fighting At School

Steph - Part 7

The Great Grandmother Of Pearl - Part 1

New Author - Miserationum

Our latest author is Miserationum who has recently submitted a story called Maybe It Will Be Over Right Away.

Maybe It Will Be Over Right Away
She anticipates the discipline she will receive for failing some classes, wishing and hoping that it could be a spanking.
synopsis by FiBlue

New Author - Jennifer Pearson

Our latest author is Jennifer Pearson who has recently submitted a poem called Wooden Spoon Tune.

Wooden Spoon Tune
Jennifer has mouthed off at her mother and is now paying the price bare bottomed over Mom's knee and spanked with a wooden spoon.
synopsis by dundee47

Saturday, 6 June 2015

New Author - Anorris1

Our latest author is Anorris1 who has recently submitted a story called Teamwork.

Our Life
His wife goes out with the girls and then drives home drunk. The next evening, he punishes her harshly with his belt.
synopsis by FIBlue

New Author - Tom SImple

Our latest author is Tom Simple who has recently submitted a story called Teamwork.

He is waiting his turn at the hotel breakfast buffet when a pretty young lady bumps into him. She seems to be a member of some sort of sports team. Their apparent leader accuses him of being rude and pushy and demands that he come to their room. He is curious, and they are cute, so he decides to go and see what happens.
synopsis by FIBlue

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings once again. Another week has flown by, and what I want to know is, how come I have a stinking cold when it's June?! That's so not fair!

So while I sniffle my way through a box of tissues, please help yourself to these delicious spanko goodies recently added to the LSF. Enjoy :)

Alan Barr:
Virtue's Reward

The Williams - Part 01

A Bottom Is A Terrible Thing To Waste
Camp Briarswitch - Part 07
Camp Briarswitch - Part 08
Camp Briarswitch - Part 09

The Luring Of PC Arora

Canadian Spankee:
Over Mommies Knee

The Bullwhip On The Wall

Cherry Red:
Elizabeth's Spanked Purple Band Panties

Bonny Cheats In A Cheating Challenge

DJ Black:
Quis Docet Domina Errans
The Sheikh... - Part 7

Dr Keate:
The Family Detention - Part 1
The Family Detention - Part 2
The Family Detention - Part 3

Effie's Assignment

Jacqueline Scott:
The Headmistress

The Experiment

The Very Naughty Miss Cole - Part 4

Lisa Berry:
Memories Of A Hospital Sister - Part 2
The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 08

Louise Watson:
Another Spanking For The Secretary

Steph - Part 6

House Calls - Part 1

Phi Gamma Beta - Part 10

Susan Thomas:
Alice's Education - Part 18
Alice's Education - Part 19