Sunday, 21 December 2014

Latest Acquisitions

The holiday season is upon us. Take a break from scoffing mince pies to check out some of your favourite authors and stories.

Here is a list of the items loaded to the LSF during the past week.

Merry Christmas to all our readers!

Chain Reaction - Part 3

How To Spank Your Husband

A Grown Girl Crosses The Line - Part 1
A Grown Girl Crosses The Line - Part 2
A Grown Girl Crosses The Line - Part 3
A Grown Girl Crosses The Line - Part 4
The Role Of A Lifetime - Part 1
The Role Of A Lifetime - Part 2
The Role Of A Lifetime - Part 3
The Spanking Lady On Patrol - Part 1
The Spanking Lady On Patrol - Part 2

Jack Crawford:
The Obsession - Part 01
The Obsession - Part 02
The Obsession - Part 03
The Obsession - Part 04
The Obsession - Part 05
The Obsession - Part 06
The Obsession - Part 07
The Obsession - Part 08
The Obsession - Part 09

A Carol For Christmas - Part 1
A Carol For Christmas - Part 2

Mrs. H's Switch - Part 1
Mrs. H's Switch - Part 2

The Caning Ensemble

Lisa Berry:
A Teacher Remembers

Dear Mr 4

Spanking Night Sunday At Stacey's - Part 3

Spanking Theatre:
Christmas Present

Cross Country

Sunday, 14 December 2014

New Author - CS

Our latest author is CS who has recently submitted a story called The Very Best Birthday.

The Very Best Birthday
It's Cassie's 24th birthday, and her partner Danielle has arranged for Cassie to spend the day with her friend Pamela. Both Danielle and Pamela enjoy spanking the bratty Cassie, leaving the birthday girl with a very sore bottom and a memorable birthday!
synopsis by Janine

Latest Acquisitions

Here we go again - yet another week has flown by in a flurry of Christmas cards, postage stamps and rolls of wrapping paper.

But our authors are still managing to find time to write!

Here is a list of the latest offerings loaded to the LSF. Enjoy.

Atticus Lloyd:
God Games - Part 3
God Games - Part 4

Darkness At Midnight
The Dealing
The Detective
The Dread Raptor
An End To Thuggery
The Ending
The Enthusiast
The Examiner
The Farmer's Boy
Faux Pas
The Felon
Fight! Fight!
The Flasher
The Fly-Tipper
The Followers
A Fruitful Hunt

Judge Soloman

Being Across Her Knee
A Maid Is His Disciplinarian - Part 1
A Maid Is His Disciplinarian - Part 2
A New Agreement Worth Keeping
Teachers And Misspelled Words
Three Sorority Girls In Trouble

An Embarrassing First

A Fiery Start To A New Job - Part 3

DJ Black:
A Winter's Tail - Part 08
A Winter's Tail - Part 09
A Winter's Tail - Part 10

Not Too Old! - Part 4

Checking In

A New Way Of Being Dealt With - Part 1
The Petite And Delightful Haya - Part 1

A Vietnamese Spanking Story - Part 7

Lisa Berry:
Fiona In Trouble
Homework Trouble

Louise Vancisic:
Correction In The Countryside - Part 2

Mary Bright:
The Boy And The Little Girl - Part 1

Nancy Wing:
The Empty Room

OTK in CT:
Hot Cross Buns

Best Friends

Rachel Redbum:
Reparenting - Part 06

Susan Thomas:
Father Christmas And The Sad Girl

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings once again. We have much on offer to entertain and delight. There's a big bunch of limericks for a start, (a VERY big bunch!) but if that's not your thing, we have plenty of other goodies.

So never mind about writing Christmas cards, washing the car, sweeping the leaves from the lawn, or doing the housework - there are far more interesting things to do ... such as reading spanking stories. Enjoy.

Atticus Lloyd:
Jenny Feels Better

A-Hunting We Will Go
An Aged Franciscan
All Hail!
Appelation Controlee
The Arse Trap
The Arsonists
The Baker
The Barbed Wire
The Barrel
The Beast
The Bellringer
Big Lad
The Big Pipe
The Blackmailer
The Blade
Bold Aisha
The Boss
Boy Racer
The Boys In The Band
Brave Lucy
Brave Meeta
The Brave Policewoman
Brave Sue
The Break-In
Breast Stroke
The Brewer
Brick Wall
Bubble And Squeak
Bubble Trouble
The Bully
Car Window
The Carjacker
The Cattery
The Cavern
The Cellar (1)
The Cellar (2)
Chain Reaction - Part 2
Champagne Gangsters
The Chopper (1)
The Cockney Thief
The Collector (1)
The Collector (2)
Collector's Item
The Colombian Connection
Commercial Flare
A Community Pub
Community Service
The Consequences Of Being Nosy
Constable Ghosh's Arse
Constable Hubbard
The Convict
Corn Dolly
The Crash
The Crew
Crowd Control
Culture Clash
A Cunning Old Farmer
Cycle Cop (1)
Cycle Cop (2)

The Sting

Crimson Kid:
My Favorite Girlhood Spanking

All On A Summer Morning
Coach Ironhand
The Very Best Birthday

Bounced Check?

On Courting A Christian Girl - Part 5

Score It Upon My Tail

Lan's Viet Kieu
Surely Not
A Vietnamese Spanking Story - Part 06

Lisa Berry:
Double Trouble

Louise Vancisic:
Correction In The Countryside - Part 1
Price Of Loyalty - Part 6

Louise Watson:
Lucy And Caroline

Charlotte's Turn

Cathedral Girls - Part 2
Cathedral Girls - Part 3

OTK in CT:
It's For Your Own Good

Never Too Late - Part 19

Phil K:
Winter Wonderland

The Ghost Of St.Claire

Rachel Redbum:
Psycho Bitch

A Bursting Ember

Spanking Night Sunday At Stacey's - Part 2

Southern Exposure - Part 64

Tom Levi:
How To Spank Your Tomboy 2

Saturday, 29 November 2014

New Author - Mark Britain

Our latest author is Mark Britain who has recently submitted a story called Mr 'Spanker' Stewart's Detention Duty.

Mr 'Spanker' Stewart's Detention Duty
Mr. Stewart has earned the nickname "Spanker Stewart" for his love of corporal punishment, particularly when applied to female students' backsides. One of his students, sixth-former Judith, has been assigned to assist him as he supervises detention. He sends her to fetch a slipper and cane from his classroom but sets his sights on Judith's ample bottom rather than the four younger students serving detention.
synopsis by Janine

New Author - Lisa Berry

Our latest author is Lisa Berry who has recently submitted a story called A Sharp Reminder.

A Sharp Reminder
Lisa has forgotten her shorts again for PE class, and her instructor Miss Woods is not pleased. Given that this is not the first time Lisa has been sent to the teacher's office, she is given six whacks with the plimsoll -- and a warning that next time will mean a caning from the Head of school.
synopsis by Janine

Latest Acquisitions

The weeks are flying by so fast we can scarce keep up!

People are still finding time to write though, and here is a list of new titles added to the LSF over the previous week.

So take a break from Christmas shopping, and treat yourself to reading a few spanky goodies.

Constable Bates's Secret

Torn Between Lovers

A Vietnamese Spanking Story - Part 04
A Vietnamese Spanking Story - Part 05

Henry - Part 18

The Penitent

Rick Marlowe:
Oo Wah Ouchy

Famous Moms

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Story of the Week - Obedience

Our next 'Story of the Week' is Obedience by The English Master which has been recommended by LSF member, Jefesse

"”This is a beautifully told story. It is a kind of modern fairy tale. It was a top vote-getter in a story challenge, so it is not really obscure. But even if you've read it before, it is worth another look.

The story is about Rukhana Malik, who has recently received her B.A. with honors at Cambridge. The story begins when her father informs her that he has chosen a husband for her. The obvious conflict is here, between Rukhana's desire to live her own life, and her duty of obedience to her family.

There is another element: Rukhana's secret desires of punishment and submission, which are unfulfilled. The ending (which is more like a new beginning) is a happy one. There's also a beautifully described switching."

When Rukhana Malik's father announces he's found a husband for her, she's horrified and protests. A secret submissive, she ventures out in the night to whip herself, and is startled by a quiet stranger who wields the switch for her. When the arranged husband arrives with his uncle the next day to begin negotiations, Ruki has a change of heart.

synopsis by TheEnglishMaster