Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Story Of The Day: Ghost Town

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Ghost Town by Goodgulf which has been recommended by LSF member, Lincoln:

"This story has not, in my view, attracted the attention it deserves, probably because of its length, (it contains 11,414 words). Nevertheless, for those who are prepared to persevere, it is a wonderfully well told story of a young boy, (Terrence), who is totally ignored by his parents, they being obsessed by their concentration on their writings, which I suspect are of little or no literary merit.

Being totally unsupervised, Terrence explores a run down and derelict housing estate, in a bad area of town, and in particular one house where he discovers several photo albums and a diary. From these he deduces that the house was lived in by a large family, the children of which were frequently spanked by their parents, something that he has never experienced. The photographic evidence is all too explicit. He also finds a paddle and a belt which were obviously put to frequent use.

He becomes obsessed by the idea of being spanked, and even makes a trip to a tourist attraction to buy a paddle, but he is principally interested in the diarist Lucy. He locates her on the internet, and then cycles over to her house, to find that she is now a mature woman with her own family. She is far from pleased by the intrusion, and quickly dismisses his story as to how he came by her diary.

Terrence’s curiosity is satisfied but probably not in the way he would have wished. He later comes to realise that Lucy only acted for the best.

Terrance has a lot of freedom due to distracted parents. He spends the summer going to deserted houses on an estate. One day he finds some albums which contain pictures of children being spanked. This awakens an interest in him and he takes the albums home. He decides to trace Lucy, who's diary also contains stories of being spanked. When he finds her, he is surprised to discover that she is now a mother herself with several young children. Lucy spanks him for endangering himself on the deserted estate.
synopsis by PinkAngel

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  1. When I saw that post on the forum, my first thought was:

    "Hey, I've got a story by that name too. I wonder who else wrote about a ghost town?"

    Then I saw that it was about the story I had wrote, and I was flattered.