Saturday, 14 February 2015

Latest Acquisitions

Hi Folks - Happy Valentine's Day!

It's the weekend again and time to list all the new items added to the Library of Spanking Fiction.

We have almost 24,500 stories now! And even more to come ...

Can Judy Keep A Secret?
Joys Of Being The Principal's Secretary
Kirk Atwater To Headmistress Anderson
Mind Your Own Bee's Wax
Over Miss Grimdale's Knee
Passing A Note In Class
Regina And Her Stepfather

Canadian Spankee:
Spanking Cannot Solve Everything

Cherry Red:
The Valentine's Day Butt Massacre

DJ Black:
The Agony And the Ecstasy
Secret Memoirs Of A 1950s Secretary
The Taming Of Amanda Moore
The Trouble With Cowgirls

Day Centre Dilemma

The Perils Of Smoking

What If?

A New Way Of Being Dealt With - Part 3

Lisa Berry:
A Visit From The Headmaster

My Fair Lady

Margaret Jane:
Birthday Wishes

Best Summer Job Ever!

The History Lesson

Rachel Redbum:
Girls Gone Wild
Reparenting - Part 07

Hawtseet U - Part 01

Pamela & Richard - Part 3

Susan Thomas:
Back To School - Part 05
Back To School - Part 06
Back To School - Part 07
Back To School - Part 08

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