Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Story Of The Day: Jess & The Pool Party

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Jess And The Pool Party by Opb which has been recommended by LSF member, Alan Barr:

"I was quite excited when I first discovered "Jess and the Pool Party". It seemed to me to be everything a spanking story should be, not just pandering to our spankophile tendencies, but a genuine story in the fullest sense, one which involves us emotionally.

Jess's act of courage and subsequent reluctant journey of self discovery are beautifully imagined. Returning to read it again, I find I admire it as much as ever.

Part 1 Jess tries to honour her mother, despite the latter's bohemian lifestyle, the endless string of men friends, and, worst of all, having christened her Jezebel. Jess goes out in her Salvation Army uniform, collecting door-to-door for the shelter. She meets fellow collector Dan; they discuss the nature of giving, and whether motive is more important than action.

Part 2 Jess arrives at the last house in the road - almost a mansion. Asking for donations, she is invited through to the back, where a pool party is in progress. A boorish man named Keith offers a generous £10 note for the cause, but in return he insists she let him spank her. Jess is torn: refuse, and deny the poor the much-needed £10? Or accept, and participate in an immoral and humiliating act?

Part 3 Handed a leather-soled slipper by another guest, Keith begins to spank Jess. At first, it's not too bad, but when he removes her skirt, cuts away her knickers and really starts to spank, then her pain and humiliation are complete. And worse: he asks the host if he has a cane.

Part 4 Jess is saved from the cane by the intervention of the host, John, whose wife Claire takes Jess upstairs to find new clothes for her. Claire showers Jess with expensive items, rubs soothing cream into her throbbing behind and then shyly makes a request that Jess, strangely, finds herself agreeing to ...

Part 5 Jess consents to Claire spanking her, and at first she finds it much easier than the previous session with the slipper. But Claire slowly intensifies her smacks until Jess finds it more than she can tolerate. Yet Claire's hypnotic voice then leads her to bend for the cane, waiting.

Part 6 Back outside, Jess meets Dan and struggles to explain what has happened to her. His caring concern elicits her tears. Later, she is relieved to reveal all and find him understanding. Back home, where her mother's latest man is still visiting, she creeps up to her room, only to hear a newly-familiar sound emanating from her mother's room.
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