Sunday, 29 July 2012

Story Of The Day: Halo Adjustment Services

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Halo Adjustment Services by flowerchild which has been recommended by LSF member, tfs:

"For those who appreciate the romantic 'man meets woman, man spanks woman, man gets woman' genre of stories, this is an especially witty example in which a clever old granny acts decisively to accomplish multiple objectives.

Clearly recognizing a golden opportunity when she sees one; in one deft move the canny Granny lays the groundwork for getting rid of her attractive, divorced but very frustrated granddaughter who had, no doubt, long overstayed her welcome, by fixing her up with an eligible man well suited to give her just what she needs and, in the process, gives her new neighbor a pretty nice "house warming" present in the bargain.

The story is amusing, fast paced and told with a nicely calibrated degree of eroticism that will entertain right down to the clever little twist at the end.

Moving in day for John, into the house his grandmother left him, becomes more exciting than he could have ever imagined. A sign, alluding to an old saying of one of his grandmother's friends, leads to him getting the perfect introduction to the woman next door. The two of them are instantly attracted to each other and they both enjoy the spanking too!
synopsis by PinkAngel

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