Tuesday, 17 July 2012


The Library of Spanking Fiction software was originally simply part of the Bottom Lines spanking community website but on Aug 30, 2009 we decided to trial it as a standalone site with its own URL to see if anyone would actually use it.

Because it was something of an experiment we decided to register a free domain for it, originally using a co.cc extension and then later a .tk one. Although both of these have generally worked well we don't really have any control over them and the domain providers could pull the plug on them at any time for whatever reason. So the time has come for us to break open the petty cash box and actually pay for one. There were several domains that we would have preferred to use but unfortunately they were all already taken. In the end, however, we have settled on:

So, if you have us bookmarked or linked to on your own site please use our new URL instead. Thank you.

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  1. The new link above just does nothing in either my explorer or firefox browser. FWIW, the old .tk site did the same. I used to be able to access your site (6 mo ago?). Wonder what has happened?