Sunday, 8 March 2015

Latest Acquisitions

Hi again folks!

Feast your eyes on the latest offerings from the Library of Spanking Fiction.

Leave the gardening and the washing up, and get reading!


Her Thoughts On Being Punished
His Recurring Nightmare
Over Her Father-In-Law's Knee
Over The Head's Desk
She Should Have Known The Damage
Sherry And Her Son James Have A Talk
When I Went To School

Canadian Spankee:
Not So Tough Now

DJ Black:
Age Play
Faery Godfather
Getting What You Need
Over The Moon
The Paradox Correction

The Undertaker

On Courting A Christian Girl - Part 11
On Courting A Christian Girl - Part 12

Jack Crawford:
The Debt Collector - Part 1
The Debt Collector - Part 2
The Debt Collector - Part 3

Jacqueline Scott:
2025 - The Schoolgirls

Phuong's First Spanking - Part 3

Lisa Berry:
The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 05

Louise Vancisic:
The Dinner Party - Part 2

Mrs Watkins

Rachel Redbum:
Julie Should Have Listened

The Consequences Of A Wrong Number

Susan Thomas:
Back To School - Part 13
Back To School - Part 14
Back To School - Part 15

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