Saturday, 26 May 2012

1,000 Days!

It can be something of a precarious business keeping sites that have spanking content afloat these days. It's all too easy for them to disappear over night so it's somewhat pleasing to report that today we are celebrating our 1,000th day of being online. During those 1,000 days downtime has been absolutely minimal and apart from getting briefly shut down (for less than a day each time) when we overloaded our shared server the site has pretty much been available and responsive all the time.

Of course, the library facility as such has actually been in existence a lot longer than 1,000 days but it was originally only available as part of the Bottom Lines web site before we took the decision to launch it with its own URL upon the unsuspecting masses. We really only did this at the time as a sort of experiment as it had pretty much lost its appeal on the BL site. The rest as they say is history and 1,000 days has somewhat scarily flown by. Of course, the site has changed a huge amount since its initial launch and has had to be structurally redesigned to accommodate the increased number of items loaded, comments made and members using the site.

Although a technophile at heart my own personal interest in site building has always been in establishing communities rather than providing technical features and it's very rewarding to see such a good atmosphere on the site as well as a very healthy exchange between authors and readers.

Not wishing to end on a down note but who knows what will happen in the future so my personal advice is to enjoy the site and it's many facilities while you can and hopefully I can write the very same thing at the end of a post to celebrate 2,000 days. Thanks to all of those who have contributed in some positive way to making the site what it is whether they be validators, authors, commenters, forum posters or general readers.

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