Sunday, 22 May 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Hi again folks, here's the latest list of spanky stories added to the LSF. Drop by and read your favourite authors.

We've just announced our second story challenge this year. This one is on the theme of mistaken identity. If you fancy having a go, read the rules and get writing.

Online Surprise - Part 3
Online Surprise - Part 4
Online Surprise - Part 5
Online Surprise - Part 6

Starting Over

Canadian Spankee:
Richard's Step-Grandmother

Dave Christopher:
Picture Perfect - Part 1

Dr Keate:
Return To Bleakdale Grange - Part 3
Return To Bleakdale Grange - Part 4

Reconicort Cruises - Part 4

Lisa Berry:
Charles Gets His Way
My Childhood Memories

Biter, Beater & Stinger
Cutting A Spanky-Stick
Ginny's Unpaid Parking Tickets - Part 12
Grocery Store Misbehavior Twin Paddlings

Girls Just Wanna Smacked Bum

Second Childhood By Choice - Part 1

Three O'Clock Appointment

The Tale Of Jay, The Hawk & A Dove - Part 1
The Tale Of Jay, The Hawk & A Dove - Part 2
The Tale Of Jay, The Hawk & A Dove - Part 3

Susan Thomas:
Anne's Journey - Part 1
Anne's Journey - Part 2
Anne's Journey - Part 3
Anne's Journey - Part 4
Anne's Journey - Part 5

Theo Jones:
Skelpay Tales - Part 25
Skelpay Tales - Part 26

Tom Levi:
The Triplets' Report Card Day

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