Sunday, 11 November 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Hi folks - it's me again. Having been daft enough to spend a week at an English seaside resort in November, I have endured rain, fog, hail, some very bracing winds and a motley assortment of pooping seagulls!! I have a nice bit of colour in my cheeks too. No, not THOSE cheeks, you bunch of perverts :D Anyway, I made off with all the money in the LSF Admin tea tin and I've spent the lot on whisky and fish and chips. And while I was busy doing that, Februs and Pink have loaded this little lot for you to peruse. Enjoy!

Alan Barr:

The World Of Molly Emerson

The Perils Of Piracy - Part 1

Don A. Landhill:
Communication II: A Sestina
Communication: A Terzanelle
Mary Was A Naughty Girl
Naughty Girl
Three Bared Brats

Dr Keate:
Comeuppance - Part 2

Mr. Clean

Memoirs - Part 1
Memoirs - Part 2
Memoirs - Part 3
Memoirs - Part 4
Memoirs - Part 5

Janus Magazine:
Schoolgirl Wife
Spanked Thanks To Janus

John Graves:
An Active Retirement

Katie B:
Putting The House In Order - Part 4

The Shooting Of Arthur Crabtree

Weekend Games - Part 3

OTK in CT:
Nicole's Spanking

Superman Spanks Wonder Woman

Susan Thomas:
I Needed A Job - Part 1
I Needed A Job - Part 2
I Needed A Job - Part 3
I Needed A Job - Part 4
I Needed A Job - Part 5
I Needed A Job - Part 6
Mum At Work

Day Off

Shelby Strode's First Spanking

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